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Match Report: Club Brugge vs PSG | Champions League 2021/22

Club Brugge vs PSG Result.

Club Brugge vs PSG Match ended With Tie. The first half was full of back-to-back action but the second half turned into a decent game. A. Herrera scored a great goal in just 15 minutes and gave PSG the lead but PSG failed to maintain it. H. Vanaken scored the equalizer in the 27th Minute. After that, both teams tried their best to score but in and this match ended With Tie.

Club Brugge Lineup.

Formation: 4 – 4 – 1 – 1.

Goalkeeper: S. Mignolet.
Defense: C. Mata, J. Hendry, S. Nsoki, E. Sobal.
Defensive Midfield: K. Sowah, M. Rits, É. Alvarez, N. Lang.
Attacking Midfield: H. Vanaken.
Striker: C. De Ketelaere.

PSG Lineup.

Formation: 4 – 3 – 3.

Goalkeeper: K. Navas.
Defense: A. Diallo, P. Kimpembe, Marquinhos, A. Hakimi.
Midfield: G. Wijnaldum, L. Paredes, A. Herrera.
Forward: Neymar Jr, K. Mbappe, L. Messi.

Club Brugge vs PSG Key Highlights & Important Moments.

First half Kick-off. 
13′: L. Paredes gets the yellow card for for foul on De Ketelaere.
15′: GOAL! A. Herrera scores a brilliant goal for PSG. What an amazing start to the game. He PSG got the lead after just 15 minutes. K. Mbappe passed the ball into the box, Herrera takes the ball and goes for a shot towards the bottom left corner of the net and scored an amazing goal. 
Great start by PSG. If they managed to score 1 more goal then they will definitely seize the victory.
It will be interesting to see how Club Brugge will respond to this goal.
Club Brugge focusing on their defense. That’s why PSG continues to failed to cross their defense.
27′: GOAL! It’s Equalizer! H. Vanaken E. Sobal finds the empty spot to pass the ball to H. Vanaken who goes for a quick shot and scores an amazing goal for Club Brugge. 
Club Brugge is back in the game. After putting so much effort into the attacks they’ve Finally scored an equalizer.
PSG will start act quickly as they’ll find new chances to score. Messi and Neymar need to start their dominating gameplay and score more goals for PSG.
29′: Finally Messi goes to score the goal but his shot goes towards the left corner of the net and hits the crossbar. It was a close chance for PSG to back in lead.
33′: Amazing save by K. Navas. He showed Club Brugge who is the boss here.
H. Vanaken goes for a free-kick and hits an amazing shot towards the right corner but K. Navas perfectly saved the shot.
39′: Close shot saved by K. Navas. De Ketelaere goes for a solid shot towards the goal but his shot was saved by K. Navas who send the ball over the crossbar.
44′: De Ketelaere goes for another shot toward the post but his attempt clears by Marquinhos.

HALF TIME Club Brugge 1 – 1 PSG.

PSG had the early lead In the match but they’ve failed to maintain it. Descent performance by both teams as they scored  1 goal each. De Ketelaere is performing great today, he got a lot of chances but his all attempt saved by K. Navas. Navas failed to stop Club Brugge’s 1st goal but his performance was brilliant throughout the first half.
Second Half Kick-off. 
46′: Substitution from PSG. L. Paredes and G. Wijnaldum goes off and D. Pereira and J. Draxler comes in.
48′: Another good save by K Navas. He saved a powerful shot of N. Lang.
49′: Club Brugge not stopping to Making chances. H. Vanaken and De Ketelaere go for the back-to-back pass and De Ketelaere runs towards the post but his attempt is cleared by Diallo.
K. Mbappe faced some problems and looks like he can’t continue in this match.
51′: Substitution from PSG. K. Mbappe is replaced by M. Icardi.
62′: N. Lang gets the yellow card for foul on A. Herrera.
70′: Messi Finally shows his experience and skill and goes toward the penalty area. He aims towards the box but he’s an attempt saved by S. Mignolet.
72′: L. Messi gets the yellow card for a foul on M. Rits.
74′: N. Lang goes for an Excellent kick towards the post. It should’ve been clearly goal but the ball goes towards the left corner of the net.
75′: Substitution from PSG. A. Diallo makes way for N. Mendes.
76′: É. Álvarez gets the yellow card for bad foul on Neymar Jr.
79′: N. Mendes makes a great chance for PSG. He passes the ball towards L. Messi, but Messi failed to score the goal he’s shot goes off the net.
81′: Amazing performance by N. Mendes he creates one more chance for PSG. He passes the ball toward the M. Icardi but he missed the target.
PSG was almost 2 – 1 against Club Brugge. But M. Icardi failed to score the second goal for PSG.
90+2′: Substitution from Club Brugge. K. Sowah gets replaced by F. Maouassa.

FULL TIME Club Brugge 1 – 1 PSG.

Club Brugge vs PSG Match Summary.

Finally, this match ends 1 – 1. PSG didn’t perform well today. Everyone was expecting a goal from Messi but he failed to score goals. M. Icardi and L. Messi had close chances but it wasn’t their day they just failed to score. Club Brugge performed very well today. They had a lot of chances but K. Navas saved them all. K. Navas has shown a brilliant performance today. After 1st half, Herrera and Vanaken showed excellent performance
In the next UEFA Champions League Group Stage Match PSG will face Manchester City on 29 September and Club Brugge will face RB Leipzig on 29 September.
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