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Match Report – Tottenham vs Chelsea

Tottenham vs Chelsea Result

Tottenham vs Chelsea Match ended With a final score of 0 – 3. T. Silva, M. Alonso, and A. Rüdiger have show amazing gameplay in today’s match. T. Tuchel’s master tactics worked today. After substitution, N. Kante scored a surprising goal for Chelsea. And from that moment Chelsea got to boost up and they started to find more chances to score. Finally, in the last moments of the match, Rüdiger scored 3rd goal for Chelsea and finished this match in favor of Chelsea. It was an unexciting performance by the Spurs they didn’t get many chances in the match. After receiving back-to-back goals they’ve started defensive gameplay but Spurs failed there too.

Tottenham Lineup.

Formation: 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.
Goalkeeper: H. Lloris.
Defense: Emerson, C. Romero, E. Dier, Reguilón.
Defensive Midfield: T. Ndombele, P. Højbjerg, D. Alli.
Attacking Midfield: G. Lo Celso, H. Kane.
Striker: H. Son.

Chelsea Lineup.

Formation: 3 – 4 – 2 – 1.
Goalkeeper: K. Arrizabalaga.
Defense: A. Rüdiger, T. Silva, A. Christensen.
Defensive Midfield: M. Alonso, M. Kovačić, Jorginho, C. Azpilicueta.
Attacking Midfield: K. Havertz, M. Mount.
Striker: R. Lukaku.

Tottenham vs Chelsea Key Highlights & Important Moments.

European Champions Chelsea is unbeaten this season with 10 points. After R. Lukaku’s Signing, he’s scoring In every single match and is Unstoppable on the field. Chelsea has made a great start and hoping to win this season with the highest points.
On the other hand, Spurs have made a decent start this season with 3 won and 1 loss they are hoping to win this match to put themselves ahead on the points table.
First half Kick-off.
4′: H. Son had a clear chance near the box but his attempt is cleared by T. Silva.
This game is started furiously. Both teams are pushing themselves to score their 1st goal.
16′: M. Mount had an amazing chance to score when he and R. Lukaku went for the Back-to-back pass sequence and Lukaku slides an amazing pass toward M. Mount. He goes for a solid shot but Emerson blacked his attempt. Amazing block by Emerson.
21′: brilliant block by A. Rüdiger! After receiving a pass from Son, Reguilón goes towards the penalty area to set up a chance for Kepa. But Rüdiger cuts the pass and clears the chance of Spurs.
31′: Azpilicueta and K. Havertz missed a great opportunity to put Chelsea in the lead.
32′: H. Son almost scored the 1st goal for Spurs but his attempt was saved by K. Arrizabalaga. Great save by Arrizabalaga.
Both teams have managed to get into post multiple times but it’s surprising that both sides are goalless.
43′: Ndombele crashes with Rüdiger, looks like Ndombele is injured but he’s okay to continue.

HALF TIME Tottenham 0 – 0 Chelsea.

It was a thrilling first half. Both teams tried their best to score but they’ve failed to convert a lot of chances into goals. From Chelsea M. Mount and R. Lukaku missed some chances and from Spurs, H. Son had almost scored a goal but his attempt is blocked by K. Arrizabalaga. After trying too much both teams started to slow down few minutes before the end of the first half. It will be interesting to see what both teams have to serve in the second half.
Second Half Kick-off.
46′: Substitution from Chelsea. M. Mount makes way for N. Kanté.
48′: Alonso hits a mid-range shot towards the net but H. Lloris saves his shot.
49′: GOAL! T. Silva Finally scores the first goal. for Chelsea. M. Alonso passes the ball from a corner. T. Silva grabs this opportunity and hits a brilliant header. Beautiful delivery by Alonso and a perfect connection by Silva.
Chelsea finally got the lead against Spurs.
53′: M. Alonso had a clear chance to score near the penalty area. But E. Dier stops his efforts before the ball reaches on the line. Great performance by E. Dier. If it wasn’t for him Chelsea would have been 2 – 0.
57′: GOAL! It’s N. Kante! Scores brilliant goal. It’s 0 – 2. Kante hits a solid long-range shot, but the ball hits E. Dier and goes toward the poll but surprisingly ball spins and goes inside the post.
Now Chelsea has 2 goals lead. And it looks like Spurs need to find their way out of this situation otherwise they will end up losing this game.
62′: Substitution from Tottenham. T. Ndombele and G. Lo Celso go off and O. Skipp and B. Gil come in.
64′: H. Kane finally got a chance to score the 1st goal of the Spurs but his attempt is saved by K. Arrizabalaga. It was his first attempt in this match.
70′: K. Havertz goes off and T. Werner comes on.
76′: M. Alonso and T. Silva recreates the same situation as the first goal but this time H. Lloris pushes Silva’s attempt over the bar.
80′: T. Werner gets a yellow card for a foul on Gil.
80′: R. Lukaku finds great opportunity to score 3rd goal for Germany, he slides great pass toward T. Werner but Werner failed to hit the ball with full speed he goes for poor touch. Emerson grabs the ball from him and cleared the chance.
83′: Substitution from Tottenham. C. Romero is replaced by D. Sánchez.
87′: Rüdiger passes the ball towards R. Lukaku who goes for header but this time Lloris was standing in front of him, he clears his attempt.
90+1′ H. Lloris saves another attempt of R. Lukaku. This time Lukaku got pass from Kovacic and goes for close range shot but lloris saves it.
90+2′: GOAL! And here we go. Rüdiger scores the third goal for Chelsea. T. Werner passes great shot towards Rüdiger who grabs the ball and goes for one range shot and hits amazing shot into the  bottom corner. 

FULL TIME Tottenham 0 – 3 Chelsea.

Tottenham vs Chelsea match summary.

After having back-to-back action in the exciting first half Chelsea finally finds their way in 2nd half. They’ve scored 3 amazing goals in the final half. T. Silva scored the first Goal by hitting an amazing header. Bringing on N. Kante was a masterstroke by Thomas Tuchel. And in the final moments, Rüdiger finally scored after trying too much in today’s match. R. Lukaku was close to scoring but every time his attempts got cleared by H. Lloris. Chelsea is now undefeated In Premier League. It’s a bad sign for Tottenham they’ve lost this game without scoring a single goal. Now Chelsea tops the points table with 13 points. Tottenham stays in 7th position.
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